Learn to do your own bow work – confidently!

If you own a bow press this is just a wonderful resource (a good resource if you don’t too) . I purchased a bow press recently so that i could learn to do my own bow work. As an engineer I am very meticulous about the how and why of everything . Attention to detail is very important to me. I found that some places i take my bow that attention to detail is not there .If i can learn it on my own i want i can take control of these details. Of course I didn’t have any experience to be able to do much bow work confidently on my own yet. Sure i might have been able to scour the internet and carefully assemble trusted resources and maybe somehow organize them all in one place but geeze that would have taken forever and would require lots of searching and would likely not be all inclusive and perhaps contradictory in places. As someone looking to tune my own bow from the ground up for the first time on my own this is so helpful and gives me the confidence and excitement to do anything I need to with my bow. I have learned so much in such a short time period.

Everything in one place, organized, concise and to the point.

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