bow specs database


Every bow technician needs the specs of the bow they are working on in order to deliver a proper tune. 


In the past, this was a tedious online search, but not any more! Just search through our database to retrieve the necessary measurements needed to start the tuning process.

learn archery knots


Knowing how to tie quality archery knots is a skill that will be reflected in your work. Learn 10 key archery knots that will allow you to install any component to the bow you are working on. 


From the center serving to a handy bow sling knot, we got you covered!

archery calculators


Calculators help us in many ways. Try our user friendly calculators to estimate arrow speed, momentum, kinetic energy, and FOC.


Are you a competitive archer? Try our Stabilizer Wizard to help you tweak your rig.


Need to adjust your cables or string to get your bow to spec? Give our Cables/String Tweak tool a try to simplify the process.

installing archery equipment


When it comes to installing components, browse our Installation section for easy to follow videos and text.


Start off with the basics of learning the parts of a bow and archery terms.


After brushing up on the basics, learn how to use 2 different style bow presses.


Next, we cover 3 different style arrow rests, peep sights, stabilizers, bow slings, sights, d-loops, and more.

bow tuning


The tuning section covers everything you need to get your bow tuned professionally.


Follow the Bow Tuning Timeline and then apply skills like getting a bow to spec, timing/syncing, yoke tuning/cam shimming, paper tuning, torque tuning and more to achieve perfect arrow flight.


We not only teach you how to tune your bow, but we show you why the techniques are effective on our Arrow Flight page. 


The Arrow Flight video will show you in super slow motion what exactly happens when we adjust our archery equipment. This eliminates basing our tuning on theory and gives you full understanding on WHY the techniques work.

hunting arrows


All the tuning in the world won't help you if you don't understand how to build a proper arrow.


Our arrow section covers selecting your arrow shaft with programs, recording arrow data, dialing in dynamic spine, nock tuning, clocking your arrows, fletching, and more!


We are confident that with the aid of our Arrows section, you will achieve the finest arrow build possible.

More sections on the way! We will continue to add sections as the industry changes. Coming soon are the Traditional and Crossbow sections.

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